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Telcovate offers enterprise-grade routing and network security solutions. Our managed Gigabit port Switch with VLAN support isolates devices for enhanced security. We also provide secure Wi-Fi networks, creating isolated environments to prevent device interference. Our routers feature built-in SD-WAN functionality, optimizing traffic distribution across multiple WAN links for cost-efficient connectivity. We offer SSL or client VPNs for secure remote access, allowing users to access internal networks while maintaining open internet access. Trust Telcovate for secure, efficient networking solutions.

Wifi solutions

Our Access Points feature central management for network health and data usage monitoring. They support up to 2.33 Gbps wireless throughput and 2 Gigabit wireline ports, with Dual-band 4x4:4 MU-MIMO technology. They auto-detect POE for power adaptation, offer 45% faster speeds than Wi-Fi 5, and support 802.11K, V, and R for seamless roaming. Experience enhanced device capacity and power efficiency with Telcovate.


Telcovate offers powerful yet easy-to-manage UCM IP PBXs, providing extensive unified communication features without licensing fees or upgrade costs. Ideal for small to medium businesses and enterprises, our solutions offer high-end smart video phones that combine a 16-line IP phone, video collaboration, and Android tablet functionality. This all-in-one solution is perfect for busy professionals, executives, and conference rooms, offering cost-effective communication solutions.

Advanced CCTV Services

Experience peace of mind with Telcovate's advanced CCTV services. Utilizing the latest technologies, our CCTV systems provide high-definition surveillance for maximum security. Our solutions are designed for various environments, from businesses to homes, ensuring comprehensive coverage and clear imaging. With features like remote access, motion detection, and night vision, our CCTV services offer reliable, round-the-clock security. Trust Telcovate for your surveillance needs, and experience the difference of cutting-edge technology.

Facial recognition security

Experience seamless communication with Telcovate's intercom services. Our intercom systems are more than just voice devices; they come equipped with cameras, facial recognition, and card readers for enhanced security and convenience. This allows for instant communication, visual verification, and secure access control in your home or business. Choose Telcovate for an intercom experience that combines simplicity with advanced technology.

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Structured Cabling

As one of the leading network cabling companies in the UAE, Telcovate provides superior structured cabling services. Our solutions form the backbone of your IT network, supporting multiple hardware uses and future scalability. We ensure efficient data, voice, and video communication with a reliable, organized approach. Choose Telcovate, a trusted name in the UAE, for your network cabling needs.

AI controlled systems
AI home Automations

Telcovate is proud to introduce our new AI-powered automation services, combining our expertise in IT consulting, smart system installations, intercom services, structured cabling, and more. Our solutions leverage artificial intelligence to create smart homes and businesses that are not only efficient but also intuitive. Imagine a home or business where systems communicate seamlessly, security is enhanced with facial recognition, and devices are controlled with simple commands. Our AI-powered automation services make this a reality. We integrate advanced intercom systems with cameras and card readers, install structured cabling for efficient connectivity, and use AI to automate and optimize these systems. With Telcovate, you're not just adopting new technology; you're embracing a smarter way of living and working. Experience the future of home and business management with our AI-powered automation services.

Optimize Your Operations with Telcovate's IoT Integration Services

Telcovate is excited to introduce our Internet of Things (IoT) integration services. This offering allows you to connect and automate various devices and systems in your home or business, enhancing efficiency and convenience. Our IoT integration services work in harmony with our AI-powered automation, structured cabling, intercom systems, and biometric access control. This synergy creates a truly smart environment where devices communicate and work together to optimize operations. With Telcovate's IoT integration services, you can automate tasks, gather insightful data, and improve your overall operational efficiency. Embrace the interconnected future with Telcovate.


Frequently Asked Question?

To receive a quote for our services, please visit the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website and fill out the provided form or contact us at +971504626291 / +971506322313. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible with a detailed quote. 

Telcovate offers a wide range of services including IT consulting, smart system installations, intercom services, structured cabling, AI-powered automation, biometric access control, and IoT integration.

Structured cabling is an organized approach to your network infrastructure. It supports efficient data, voice, and video communication and is scalable for future requirements.

AI-powered automation uses artificial intelligence to automate and optimize various systems in your home or business, making them more efficient and intuitive. (As a bonus you can control your systems using voice commands with our AI systems)

IoT integration allows various devices and systems in your home or business to connect and automate, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

Yes, Telcovate offers services for both residential and commercial clients. Our solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of each client.

As one of the leading network cabling companies in the UAE, Telcovate combines extensive experience with cutting-edge technology to provide superior services. Our solutions are comprehensive, covering a wide range of IT needs.

You can reach us at +971504626291 or +971506322313. You can also contact us through the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website.

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Guided by our commitment at Telcovate Communication Network, we endeavor to provide unparalleled telecom solutions, crafted with precision for a variety of needs. Catering to both local and international clients, we uphold a professional and supportive approach, ensuring our services consistently meet and exceed quality standards.

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